Award Categories

Awards were given in the following categories…

Game of the Year

Best Canadian-made game across all genres and platforms.

Best Console Game

Best game for current generation console hardware (Wii, Xbox 360, Playstation 3).

Best Game on the Go

Best game on a handheld or mobile device:

  • Handheld Platforms = PSP, DS [and variants]
  • Mobile Games = iPhone, iPad, any other cell phone game

Best Downloadable Game

Best game available only through direct to customer download such as Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Wii Shop, Steam or Direct2Drive.

Best Audio

Best audio in a game including sound effects, soundtrack, composition, orchestration and design across all platforms.

Best Social/Casual Game

Best game available through a web browser based platform.

Best Game Design

Recognizing excellence in game design across all platforms with specific attention paid to those innovative designs and superior execution that challenge traditional principles.

Best Technology

Recognizing excellence in graphics programming, AI, physics and networking across all platforms.

Best Visual Arts

Recognizing excellence in the visual art of a game, including animation, design, art direction, modeling etc. across all platforms.

Best Writing

Best storyline, scenario or dialogue across all genres and platforms.

Innovation Award

Recognizing something truly extraordinary that expands the boundaries of the game industry.

Best Original Music

Awarded to the best original music created for a Canadian-made videogame.

Best New Character

This award celebrates the unique collaboration between character artist, writer, voice director and voice actor to create the most indelible new character in a Canadian made videogame.

Best Indie Game

Best game submission by a small independent Canadian developer
(< 50 people), group or individual. Note: The developer must retain full creative control over the property, even if they have received financial support from a third party (publisher or otherwise). Entrants must have obtained written permission from all persons or entities having any rights to the game, as well as the necessary rights to commercially publish the game using any third party technology, if applicable.

The Future Shop Gamer’s Choice Award

Awarded to the top selling Canadian made videogame in 2011.
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