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8th Annual Privacy and Security Conference and Exposition

"Identity Management and Information Protection in the Digital World" Can We Meet the Challenge?

February 15th - 16th, 2007

Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, British Columbia

Notional Agenda
Last updated: February 5, 2007

U.S. Pavilion - Participating Companies

Speaker Bios

* = Invited

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
1:30 -
Pre-Conference Privacy and Security Workshops
Delegates may select one of three free pre-conference workshops.

Workshop 1 - Dr. Radia Perlman: Challenges in Network Security Protocols
This tutorial gives a quick overview of the basics of network security, including cryptography, authentication, key distribution, and some web basics. It also talks about what is difficult. The real difficulty isn't the cryptography, but basic system issues, especially considering that people are part of the system. We cover topics such as the functional differences between PKI-based systems and Kerberos-like systems, PKI trust models, and enough cryptography to impress a date.

Workshop 2 - Maximus: Privacy is a Personnel Matter; How to Maximize Your In House Privacy Training
presented by: Lorrainne Dixon and Edie Dittman
Privacy and Confidentiality On-Line Learning Module:
Join MAXIMUS BC for a demonstration of this on-line training tool, designed for any organization dealing with the collection or management of personal information. During this one hour demonstration, employers will see a new way to provide introductory or repeat privacy training to their staff. Employers will experience how quickly and easily staff can be trained to understand how an organization can protect personal information, what the rules are regarding collecting, using, disclosing and maintaining that information, and how to avoid a privacy breach. Using this module, staff can learn and test themselves about privacy and confidentiality definitions, legislation and various scenarios - all in about 60 minutes.

Workshop 3 - Privacy and Legislation Branch: Information Sharing Agreements: What Every Manager Needs to Know
presented by: Sharon Plater and Jason Eamer-Goult
Service providers, policymakers and researchers are increasingly interested in sharing information to enhance and integrate service delivery and to get a more complete picture of service needs and social phenomena. This opens new challenges regarding privacy, secondary use of data, and data security and integrity.

An Information Sharing Agreement (ISA) can be an invaluable tool in governing the flow of information, managing risks to privacy and data security, and ensuring compliance with relevant information management legislation and policy

This interactive workshop will engage participants in the development of an ISA, covering when an ISA should be completed, its purpose, legal authority and key components. The workshop will also enhance participants' knowledge of where an ISA fits into an overall data governance model and how it differs from other governance documents such as research agreements and contracts.


Thursday, February 15, 2007
7:30 -
Registration, Lower Foyer
8:30 -
Call to Conference, Salon AB
Master of Ceremonies: Keith Baldrey, Global TV
8:35 -
Welcome Presentation/Opening Remarks, Salon AB
Honourable Olga Ilich, Minister of Labour and Citizens' Services

Introduced by: Lori Wanamaker, Deputy Minister

8:50 -
Session 1 - Opening Plenary Keynote Speaker, Salon AB

Bruce Schneier - Founder/CTO, BT Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.

9:50 -
Morning Break, Upper and Lower Foyers
Book-Signing by Bruce Schneier, Salon AB
10:10 -
Session 2 - Concurrent Keynote Speakers
  1. Craig Thomas, Salon AB
    Global Chief Information Security Officer PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  2. Dr. Stefan Brands, Theatre
    Founder /President, Credentica
    Adjunct Professor, School of Computing Science, McGill
11:00 -
Session 3 - Concurrent Panel Sessions

Panel A: Theatre
National & Global Cyber Security: What's Needed, How Quickly?
Moderator: Mike Gurski, National Privacy Specialist, Bell Canada

  1. Gino Menchini, Vice President, Public Sector, North America, CA; former CIO, City of New York
  2. Casey Dunlevy, Project Lead, CERT Analysis Centre, Carnegie-Mellon University
  3. Ian Wilms Public Safety Executive, IBM Canada
  4. Ernie Hayden, CISO/Manager Enterprise Information Security

Panel B: Salon C
Managing Digital Identity: Data, Trust and Control
Moderator: Kim Cameron Architect of Identity and Access, Microsoft

  1. Bob Blakley Principal Analyst, The Burton Group
  2. Dr. Stefan Brands Founder/President, Credentica
  3. Tim Bouma A/Director, Identity Management, Information, Privacy and Security Policy, Chief Information Officer Branch, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, Government of Canada

Panel C: Saanich Room
WiFi Zones: Privacy and Security Minefields?
Moderator: Dr. Richard Rosenberg, Professor Emeritus, Department of Computing Science, UBC

  1. David Dobbin President, Toronto Hydro Telecom
  2. Suzanne Morin Assistant General Counsel, Regulatory Law and Policy, Bell Canada
  3. Arron Scott Consulting Engineer, Security Systems, Cisco
12:30 -
Lunch Break
  1. Main Networking Luncheon, Salon AB
    Sponsored by MAXIMUS BC
  2. Security Luncheon (limited seating), Colwood
    Lightening Speech: Chief Jack Ewatski, President, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
  3. Privacy Luncheon (limited seating), Oak Bay Room
    Lightening Speech: David Loukidelis Information & Privacy Commissioner for BC
  4. TELUS Luncheon - Invitation Only, Sidney Room
  5. U.S. Privacy and Security Solutions Exhibitors Luncheon - Invitation Only, Crystal Ballroom
    Lightening Speeches: Bill Willis, Executive Vice President, ImageWare Systems Inc.
    Aaron Nelson, Senior Software Engineer, i2 Inc.(ChoicePoint Government Services)
1:45 -
Session 4 - Plenary Keynote Speaker, Salon AB

Kim Cameron - Architect of Identity and Access Microsoft

2:35 -
Session 5 - Business Breakouts


Colwood I&II IBM Canada - You Can't Lose What You Don't Have: A Fresh Look at Preventing Privacy Breaches - Nigel Brown, Senior Consultant, IBM Security and Privacy
Saanich I&II CA Canada - Designing TRUST into your Identity Management Solutions - Martin Harrod, BA, CISSP, Solution Architect, CA Canada Co.
Ed Rebane, M.ENG, CISSP, ECC, Senior Security Advisor, Bell Canada
Oak Bay Deloitte - Role Engineering - A Foundation for Effective Identity Management - Albert Yap, Senior Manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Theatre Bell Canada - Leadership in Electronic Service Delivery: Lessons Learned
Liam Barry, Executive Director, GoA ICT Directions, Service Alberta, Government of Alberta
Garry Hawkings, Senior Director, Bell Canada
Salon C Microsoft Canada - The Weakest Link? - Bruce Cowper, Senior Program Manager: Security Initiative, Microsoft Canada
3:10 -
Afternoon Break
3:30 -
Session 6 - Concurrent Panel Sessions

Panel A: Saanich
Biometrics and RFID Technology: Controversial Identity Cure-Alls
Moderator:Dr. Richard Rosenberg, Professor Emeritus, Department of Computing Science, UBC

  1. Barry Steinhardt Director, Liberty and Technology Project, ACLU
  2. Dan Combs, CEO, Global Identity Solutions
  3. Robert Eryou, CISM, CISSP-ISSAP, Sierra Systems

Panel B: Theatre
Challenges in User Authentication: Are We There Yet?
Moderator: Dr. Radia Perlman Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems

  1. Dr. Stefan Brands Founder/President, Credentica
  2. Charlie Kaufman Microsoft Security Architect, Common Languages Runtime Group
  3. Amyn Ukani Identity and Access Management, IBM Canada

Panel C: Salon AB
Data Retention and "Lawful Access": Policing, Prosecution and ISPs
Moderator: Stephanie Perrin Director, Strategic Policy & Research, Privacy Commissioner of Canada

  1. Clayton Pecknold Deputy Chief, Central Saanich Police Services; Co-chair, Law Amendment Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police
  2. Philippa Lawson Executive Director, Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
  3. David Elder Vice President, Regulatory Law, Bell Canada
5:00 -
Networking Reception, Lower Foyer
Sponsored by the Privacy and Security Branches of the Government of British Columbia
8:00 -
Evening Social - Guests and Spouses Welcome!
Join us for a 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of Reboot Communications - Download Invitation - [.pdf]

Rarely does a group of performers come along who can transform an evening into an unforgettable experience. The Timebenders are just such a group. With more than 20 incredible costume changes and the music from the 40's to present, the Timebenders take you on a "Rock down memory lane" with an explosive and hilarious dance show that focuses on high energy, audience participation and lots of fun. (Cash Bar, Dress is casual)


Friday, February 16, 2007
7:00am U.S. Privacy and Security Solutions Exhibitors Breakfast (invitation only), Kiplings Room, Fairmont Empress Hotel

Richard Stone, Vice President, Marketing, Credant Technologies Mobility: Stay Productive but Stay Out of the Headlines!

8:30 -
Opening Session, Salon AB Administrative Announcements
Master of Ceremonies: Keith Baldrey, Global TV
8:35 -
Session 7 - Plenary Keynote Speaker, Salon AB

Dr. Ann Cavoukian - Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

9:35 -
Session 8 - Concurrent Keynote Speakers
  1. Dr. Radia Perlman, Theatre
    Distinguished Engineer, Sun Microsystems
  2. Philippa Lawson, Salon AB
    Executive Director Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic, University of Ottawa
10:25 -
Morning Break, Upper and Lower Foyers
Book Signing by Ann Cavoukian
10:45 -
Session 9 - Concurrent Panel Sessions

Panel A: Salon C
Identity at the Border: Modern Rules of Show and Tell
Moderator: Barry Steinhardt Director, Technology and Liberty Project, ACLU

  1. Steve Yonkers Privacy Officer, US-Visit, Department of Homeland Security
  2. Dr. Mark Salter, Professor, Political Science, University of Ottawa
  3. Evan O'Regan, Identity and Access Management, Siemens

Panel B: Saanich Room
Information Assurance: A Corporate Imperative
Moderator:Richard Purcell CEO, Corporate Privacy Group

  1. Mike Neumann Senior Solutions Architect, Adobe
  2. Robert Parker Partner (Ret'd) Deloitte & Touche LLP
  3. Mary Ann Davidson, Chief Security Officer, Oracle

Panel C: Theatre
The Pros and Cons of Data Mining: Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Business
Moderator: Tom Thackery, Assistant Deputy Minister, Government Services, Government of Alberta

  1. David Skillicorn Professor, School of Computing, Queen's University; Professor Mathematics and Computer Science, Royal Military College
  2. Peter Reid, Chief Privacy Officer, EDS
  3. Kevin Bankston, Staff Attorney, California Branch, Electronic Frontier Foundation
12:15 -
Lunch Break
  1. Main Networking Luncheon, Salon AB
    Sponsored by TP Systems
  2. Security Luncheon (limited seating), Sidney
    Lightening Speech: Bob Blakley Principal Analyst, The Burton Group
  3. Privacy Luncheon (limited seating), Saanich Room
    Lightening Speech: Bruce Phillips Former Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  4. Oracle Luncheon (Invitation Only), Esquimalt
    Mary Ann Davidson, Oracle's Chief Security Officer
    Barbara Hibbins, Office of the BC Government Chief Information Officer
1:30 -
Session 10 - Business Breakouts

Colwood II Sun Microsystems - Lessons learned from implementing real-life identity management projects - Warren Strange, Senior Identity Architect, Sun Microsystems
Theatre Cisco Systems - Linking Identity and the Network - Arron Scott, Consulting Systems Engineer, Security, Cisco Systems
Sidney Oracle Corporation - Enabling Trusted Information Sharing within a Multi Level Security Environment - Derick Cassidy, Master Principal Solution Specialist, Oracle
Salon C TELUS - Getting Ahead of the Hackers: Public Sector Security in the Age of Application Vulnerabilities - Richard Reiner, Chief Security & Technology officer, TELUS
Colwood I Adobe Systems - Ensure user adoption by connecting security policy to ubiquitous client - Mark James, Business Development Manager, Adobe Systems
Oak Bay EDS Corporation - Keep Your Customers Loyal: Avoid the Data Privacy Breach - Peter Reid, Chief Privacy Officer, EDS
2:10 -
Session 11 - Concurrent Panel Sessions

Panel A: Salon AB
Drivers' Licences: The New National Identity Card?
Moderator: Bruce Phillips Former Privacy Commissioner of Canada

  1. Ian Williams, CEO, Identity Systems Group
  2. Dean Barry, ID Management and Security Policy, Public Safety Interoperability Directorate, PSEPC
  3. Raj Nanavati, Partner, International Biometrics Group

Panel B: Theatre
Corporate Data Breaches: Best Practices in Battling Identity Theft
Moderator: Stephanie Perrin, Director, Strategic Policy & Research, Privacy Commissioner of Canada

  1. David Loukidelis Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC
  2. Richard Purcell CEO, Corporate Privacy Group
  3. Gene McLean Chief Security Officer, TELUS

Panel C: Salon C
Digital Signatures: Are They Reliable?
Moderator: Vincent Gautrais Associate Professor of Law, Université de Montrèal

  1. Michael Legary Seccuris Inc.
  2. Jean-François Blanchette Professor, School of Education and Information Studies, UCLA
  3. Mike Neumann Senior Solutions Architect, Adobe
3:45 -
Session 12 - Closing Keynote Speaker, Salon AB

Jeff Jonas Chief Scientist, Distinguished Engineer, Entity Analytic Solutions, IBM

Mr. Jonas is a leading pioneer in the field of identity analysis and privacy. In this presentation, he will describe the common phenomenon of "enterprise amnesia" -- a condition in which organizations make incorrect choices (e.g., extending the wrong services, duplicate payments, or getting entitlement scamed) even though the enterprise at large contains the knowledge to prevent these needless inefficiencies. This involves information discovery and sharing and with that, new tensions emerge. Until recently, there have not been many privacy-enhancing options to consider. A new form of analytics in the anonymized data space helps address these tensions by greatly reducing the risk of unintended disclosure.

4:35 -
Closing Remarks, Salon AB
Lori Wanamaker, Deputy Minister Ministry of Labour and Citizens' Services
4:40 -
Conference Closure, Salon AB
MC: Keith Baldrey, Global TV


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