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Call for Papers

10th International West Coast Security Forum
"Information Everywhere - Protecting New Perimeters"

November 19 - 20, 2007

Sheraton Wall Centre
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


The West Coast Security Forum committee is pleased to announce that the call for papers is now open for the 10th Annual International West Coast Security Forum, to be held in November 2007.

Date:         November 19-20, 2007
Location:  The Sheraton Wall Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Theme:     "Information Everywhere Protecting New Perimeters"

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Call for Speakers and Papers:

The 10th West Coast Security Forum seeks submissions that present information, research or hands-on guidance on the themes listed below, but are not limited to, topics of security and privacy. We will be selecting the best papers and presentations to be given at our conference in person, as well as publishing other submissions on the conference materials disk that will be provided to conference attendees.

The call for papers for the 2007 WCSF conference is open until June 29th, 2007. All entries must be received by midnight, June 29th, 2007. Speakers selected will be notified by July 25th, 2007.

To submit, please provide the following information on-line:


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Conference Background:

The growing presence of computers of all shapes and sizes in almost every aspect of our lives has generated a great number of potential advantages, but is also raising new concerns with respect to security and privacy. Tougher safeguards are needed as new security perimeters are needed to protect information in an ever changing world in which users, small enterprises, large conglomerates and governments increasingly have the need to share information. Information technologies are woven into the fabric of our everyday lives offering a multitude of functions with networking capabilities seeking out and communicating with other devices - often transparent to the user. Information security is fast becoming the foremost concern of many organizations and the individual, whether it is to protect valuable corporate information, your personally identifiable information, or even to ensure your kid is safe on the Internet.

A different approach is needed to protect these new security perimeters and finding the balance of enabling controlled access whilst protection valuable information assets. New threats challenge us in the form of intelligent hackers, bot-herders, virus writers, script-kiddies, corporate spies, organized crime bosses, and even journalists who see new opportunities to grow rich off of these relatively unprotected network assets. The potential for loss for the individual and the organization and the corporation has never been greater - whether through malicious attacks or data loss through accidents or theft.

Our conference will provide a fresh perspective and new insights into the increasing complexity of the world that you are charged with protecting, as well as highlighting new opportunities to enhance services and access to information. We invite you to provide your expertise to our attendees through either a presentation or by publishing a paper as part of our conference.

Themes include:

Technology for protecting new perimeters new tools, new technologies and new techniques.
Extended perimeters - securing the business-to-business collaboration perimeter
Broken perimeters prevention, response and recovery
Mobile perimeters - protecting the perambulating perimeter of the peripatetic road warrior
New Perimeters risk and regulatory
Inside the Perimeter protecting against the internal threat

Submission Guidelines:

  • Briefing papers: Short briefing paper need not be extensive. An executive or management briefing on an aspect of security would be enough. Such papers will be presented for evaluation and typical length would be around 1500-2000 words. Selected papers will be also given as presentations at the conference.
  • Case Studies: Case studies are typically descriptions of a given security situation. Names of organizations can be kept anonymous to maintain confidentiality. Typical length would be around 5000-6000 words.
  • Seminars: The second day of our conference will be devoted to longer sessions which can be used to deliver more information in a seminar format, typically 1.5 to 3 hours. If you would like to provide a detailed seminar, please provide the topic outline, and the types of information/skills that attendees will learn.

We will also be inviting selected attendees to site on one or more panel sessions depending on your expertise.

We invite you to forward this announcement to interested colleagues and we would be delighted to see you at the conference. For more information and detailed suggestions on topics for each theme, please click the PDF below, or visit

PDF Conference backgrounder

Enquiries should be directed to [email protected]

Neil Johnson
Conference Chair
West Coast Security Forum 2007

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