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Association of Canadian Court Administrators (ACCA) National Conference 2005, Changing World Changing Courts
Fairmont Empress and Victoria Conference Centre
November 13-16 2005

Visit the
ACCA web site
About the Conference


The Association of Canadian Court Administrators invite you to participate in an exciting, professional conference on the future and on challenges for the justice system

This conference will address how international and domestic pressures, as well as opportunities and challenges arising from technology and social conditions, require new vision, creativity and new processes in our changing courts.

Our domestic world is changing. Major changes in society and crimes in society are occurring rapidly in part due to advances in technology and communications.

Sophisticated and threatening international and domestic crimes and cyber-crimes are organized and already here including:

  • terrorism
  • conspiracy
  • electronic fraud
  • drug production
  • smuggling substances and people
  • infiltration, extortion and blackmail
  • identity theft
  • abuse of intellectual property
  • paramilitary armed gangs

Our court systems are changing. Despite severe restrictions in public funding they need sophisticated risk reduction, electronic document transaction, virtual appearances, virtual courthouses without bricks and mortar.

Can laws, institutions and processes from previous centuries stay ahead of changing needs? Explore together visions of our changing world and how our institutions are changing.

With presentations from individuals such as:

  • Gwynne Dyer, Award Winning Independent Journalist; Changing World: Impacting Justice and the Courts
  • Stephen Lewis, Veteran Diplomat and UN Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, Changing Society: Effective Justice with a Social Conscience

Featured Speakers

  • The Honourable Lance Finch, Chief Justice of British Columbia
  • The Honourable Donald Brenner, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of British Columbia
  • Ian Hanomansing, Broadcast Journalist, Host CBC News, Canada Now

More speakers are being confirmed during spring 2005. Please check the web site often.

Topics include:

  • Cybercourt
  • Internal Threats/Social Engineering
  • External Threats/Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Crime Forensics
  • Access to and Restrictions on Court Information
  • Role of Courts as a Public Institution
  • Court Systems of the Future

* = Invited

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