Reboot Capital

Reboot Capital facilitates funding for companies in the early stages of growth – pre-series A funding.  The primary focus in on the North American market and the funding ranges from 2 million – 10 million dollars.

Reboot Capital is primarily focused on companies in the technology, healthcare and digital media sectors, but will accept expressions of interest from any company who meets the criteria.

Requirements for funding consideration must include:

  1. Pitch document and presentation required
  2. NDA
  3. Product demo
  4. Requested financial information
  5. Funding to date and capital structure
  6. Reference checks
  7. Access to additional company information as required

 Pitch document must include the following information:

  1. What is company core business
  2. Why is presenter in this business and his or her background
  3. Core Problem or Opportunity being addressed
  4. How you plan to solve this problem
  5. Why invest in this company
  6. Company Vision
  7. Product description, uniqueness and competitive comparison
  8. Market Assessment
  9. Competitive Assessment
  10. Management and staff profile
  11. Current status of company and Financial Profile
  12. Projected Cash Flow, Revenue and Income
  13. Business Model
  14. Funding Requirements, Use of capital and expected benefits
  15. Current Company Valuation
  16. Exit Opportunities

Criteria for ranking and selecting investment opportunities are as follows:

  1. Management strength and capability
  2. Management acceptance of feedback and coaching
  3. Actual achievements and track record to date
  4. Length of time in business
  5. Revenue results or potential
  6. Product market acceptance and commercialization potential
  7. Product competitive comparison and uniqueness
  8. Ability to deliver on commitments, hit milestones and key timelines
  9. Business model strength and potential
  10. Financial stability – next 12 months minimum
  11. Exit potential and opportunities
  12. Fairness of Company Valuation

Requests to schedule a meeting may be submitted via email to:  [email protected]