Reboot Executive Institute

Coming soon: the Reboot Executive Institute… senior executive education programs for leading companies in the changing, complex global marketplace

In today’s and the future’s complex and continually changing global business environment, business senior executives must ensure that their organizations have senior leaders to successfully navigate through ever increasingly more competitive and challenging times.  They must be proactive to foresee potential problems and opportunities and to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities before their competitors.

The Problem:

The problem however is that the required strong executive talent is generally not available, as highlighted by a recent Canadian Business Magazine article: the prolonged search for the next Tim Hortons CEO highlights the challenges all major companies now face in recruiting top executives, says Carl Lovas, chairman of global search firm Odgers Berndston.“You’re trying to attract from a very small pool of talent,” he says. “And these people are in organizations who put in place a lot of things to retain them. So it’s not extraordinary for a search like this to take six months or longer.”

The Solution: The Senior Executive WIN Program 

The WIN program’s focus is on developing global leaders who can both develop and execute a successful global strategy for survival and growth. Topics will include commitment to integrity, innovation, human resources, stakeholders and sustainable action, all tied into strategic leadership. This program will run for two weeks, in residence, and is limited to 36 participants.  Week one will concentrate on strategic development by focusing on identifying and developing those key success factors to WIN in the constantly changing new economy.  Week two will focus upon the execution of global strategies utilizing the most sophisticated and effective market driven strategy simulation available.

Please check back for further updates including locations and schedules for 2012.